How to create the perfect exposé

With a professional exposé, the chances of a good price can be of getting a good price and save on viewing appointments. Private sellers often miss out on money because they do not reach potential potential buyers due to errors in the exposé. With the following tips you can create your perfect exposé.

If you have not commissioned an estate agent for the sale of your own home but - perhaps due to your own professional experience in the experience in the business world - you feel up to this project yourself, you should start with the design of a successful exposé. Here visual aspects play a major role, because it is through the eye that the first impression. And that depends on a good layout and good photos of your property. In addition, of course, the information about the property is important. The more informative they are, the more questions questions of the potential buyer are already answered before the viewing and may decide whether the potential buyer is interested in your property or not. interested in your property or not. Even though many owners their home after decades of living in it, these feelings are of no interest to potential buyers, these are of no interest to potential buyers. Potential buyers are more interested in the location of the property, the number of square metres are available for living and whether it has a garage.

Before you create your exposé, you should think about which target group you are addressing with your property. What is important to this target group? important? How can you address them most successfully? Then you should the layout of the exposé. DIN A4 is the usual format. It should be clearly structured and easy to read. Restrict to the essentials. Bullet points are well suited for this purpose.

You should make the advantages of your property over other properties clear make it clear: is there a special view, is the house in a very nice location location, is it particularly old, does it have special structural special features?

Your exposé should contain the following:

  • Property description: Type of building, year of construction, number of rooms, living space calculation, type of heating, balcony, size of plot, cellar, attic, garage or parking space
  • Condition of the property: When was it renovated or refurbished?
  • Energy certificate (if the energy certificate is not submitted, submitted too late or incomplete, a fine of up to 15,000 euros may be imposed)
  • Floor plan, site plan
  • Description of the surrounding area: urban/rural, economic situation of the neighbourhood, transport connections, shopping facilities, schools, kindergartens
  • Service charges, desired selling price - is this negotiable?
  • When will the property be available?
  • As far as available: Valuation of the property by an independent expert
  • Photos of each room, exterior view
  • Possible viewing dates
  • Contact information

This is how your exposé should be structured:

The contents should be arranged logically and clearly. Start with the detailed object description. This should be followed by be followed by photos with picture descriptions. First exterior views, then interior views. This should be followed by a floor plan, a site plan and if and, if possible, an aerial view.

At the end of the exposé, the essential data should be summarised once again. summarised once again. Possible viewing appointments should also be should be mentioned. A possible buyer's commission, other costs and information on liability and information on liability should also appear there. Finally, the complete the complete address of the property and your contact details. contact details.

If all these tips are taken into account when creating the exposé, your beloved your beloved property is sure to make a good first impression on its potential new owners. And maybe it will even be love at first sight love at first sight when looking at your exposé.

Do you have any questions about creating an exposé? Contact us without any obligation. We will be happy to advise you

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