Read everything about real estate in our guidebooks.

In our guidebooks, we want to pass on our expert knowledge to property owners.

Because we know that selling real estate is an important decision that often goes hand in hand with other big changes.

Three common reasons for selling a property are old age, divorce and inheritance.

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I'm getting older, what do I do with my property?

The thought of one day having to leave a home that has been cherished for many years triggers unease, sometimes even great fear.
Older owners often do not know how best to proceed. The topic is therefore avoided, a decision is postponed further and further into the future. As a result, many pensioners live in properties that are too large and often unfavourable for them.

The book is a companion on the way to the individually optimal form of housing.
It deals with possible variants for dealing with the existing property as well as criteria for deciding on a new living environment.
Detailed explanations, tips and checklists help to clarify the current situation and open up possibilities for the future.
For all its objectivity and thoroughness, the book is sensitively written, because owning your own property is about more than financial and legal issues - it also has a high emotional value.
The eBook costs CHF 20.

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10 reasons for a property swap for seniors

Many senior citizens in particular wish to stay in their own homes for as long as possible. The following 10 reasons show why a property exchange is the perfect, stress-free and simple solution for seniors who want to buy and sell.

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Private sale made easy

You would like to sell your property? Privately, without an estate agent? Then it is important that you know all the steps of selling real estate. We reveal to you our insider knowledge from years of experience in the real estate industry. In our guidebook you will learn how to protect your interests from the housing market analysis to the negotiations with the buyer - and thus achieve the best price for your property!

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The 7 biggest mistakes when selling your property

Is it also your goal to sell your property without any problems and at the best possible selling price within a reasonable period of time? Almost all homeowners have this desire when it comes to selling their property. Occasionally they consider selling their property themselves in order to save the estate agent's fee. However, it becomes apparent time and again how little owners are aware of the risks that a private sale without planning and organisation can entail. The reasons for this are ignorance and the resulting application errors. Not only do problems arise in the sales process, but also the sales proceeds are far too low. And this in the meantime even in very popular regions with high demand. The canton of Zug and its region are a good example of this. Until a few years ago, one could easily sell properties with high sales prices without much trouble.

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