How to find the right doctor in your neighbourhood

With increasing age, regular visits to the doctor become more and more important. However, it is often difficult to find a doctor in the vicinity who can who can offer a timely appointment and with whom you feel comfortable. feel comfortable. Here you can read about the best way to search for a doctor. proceed.

Medical Association

The first point of contact when looking for a doctor is ideally the medical association or association of panel doctors in your region. In most In most federal states, there is already an online doctor search, In addition, you can also get advice by telephone. telephone advice. The chambers provide reliable information about a doctor's professional qualifications of a doctor and further information such as consultation hours, additional quality-assured services and other doctors practising in the practice. practising doctors. This gives you an overview of all possible doctors in your doctors in your area.

Rating portals for doctors

However, it is often not enough to know what professional qualifications a doctor has. qualifications a doctor has. You are probably much more interested in how he deals with his patients and whether he can actually apply he has learned in his training can actually be applied. Such You can get this kind of information from rating portals for doctors. Well-known examples are Jameda and Using the search function the best-rated doctors in your area. You can also search for a specific doctor and read his or her ratings. read through his or her ratings.


Especially in smaller towns, doctors often haven't collected too many collected reviews. Here, it is advisable to read through the reviews reviews and not to go by the stars or grades awarded alone. or grades. You should also bear in mind that it is often the patients that patients with whom something has gone wrong who feel the need to to rate a doctor. Satisfied patients, on the other hand often do not even think of using a rating portal. Conversely it can of course also happen that particularly positive evaluations come from the doctor himself. So pay attention to how realistic a review sounds. assessment sounds.

Recommendations from your GP

If you are looking for a specialist and you already have a you trust, it can't hurt to listen to his or her recommendation. recommendation. In many cases, a referral from your family doctor is also a prerequisite for making an appointment with a specialist. is also a prerequisite for getting an appointment with a specialist. specialist. Of course, you can find out about suitable doctors in advance or rating portals to find out about suitable doctors in your area and ask and ask specifically for a referral to these doctors. On the other hand, you can also check the recommendation of your general practitioner once again recommendation via a rating portal, to see what other patients think of this doctor.

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