How to find support for household and garden in old age

When you once moved into your own home with your family, you were full of energy and drive. That has changed in the meantime Unfortunately, this has changed a little, and you are finding it increasingly gardening are becoming increasingly difficult for you. One reason for the However, this does not necessarily have to be a reason for moving into a small flat. With with a little support in everyday life around the home. manage well.

That little bit of housekeeping takes care of itself? I wish. The reality looks different. The vacuuming and mopping, the cleaning and cleaning and scrubbing your own four walls, weeding and mowing the garden weeding and mowing the lawn in the garden - all of this now requires a great deal of effort and perhaps even pain.

Getting active support - but how and from where?

If you feel limited or even overburdened with the maintenance of your maintenance of your house and property, you should not hesitate, to accept assistance. This could be the teenage boy next door who who likes to earn a few extra euros by mowing the lawn in your garden. in your garden. Or the nice cleaning help that your friend has warmly who has been warmly recommended by your friend and who even has free available. But help is not always available so quickly and easily. at hand.

As a general rule, you should not employ a domestic or gardening helper employ a domestic or gardening helper on the dole. Apart from schoolchildren who supplement their pocket money by pocket money with a small neighbourhood service, you should choose the you should choose the legal way. Otherwise you could be threatened with fines and fines and back taxes. Insurance for accidents during housework and gardening and gardening work is only available if you are officially employed as a freelance cleaner. freelance cleaners and gardeners. If you pay the If you pay the invoice amount by bank transfer, you can save taxes. If you need help or illness requires help in the household, the health insurance company the costs are usually covered by your health insurance. However, it is important clarify this with the health insurance fund in advance.

Notices and online calls

If you are looking for a "cleaning fairy", try posting a notice in the nearest a notice in your nearest supermarket. If you are lucky, and a nice, trustworthy person contacts you. your new domestic help will probably live in the immediate vicinity, and there will be no and you won't have to pay for the journey.

But also on the Internet, the classic among the ebay classifieds, you can also find support for your home and garden in the garden from the immediate vicinity. Special platforms that offer the of reputable cleaning specialists have the advantage that your cleaning advantage that your cleaner can be replaced by a colleague in the event of substitute. On the portals, and you can easily find people who reliably look after your house and house and yard.

When one's own strength begins to wane and things no longer run smoothly in the household and when care of the beloved hedge roses, the time to part with one's own home must not yet have come, to part with your own home has not yet come. With a little a little support, you can maintain the living conditions you are accustomed to. living conditions.

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