Studying in old age - you never stop learning

When retirement is slowly but surely approaching, many people are many people are not only concerned about their housing situation. Besides whether their own property is still the right one for them in old age, there are also quite different considerations: What should I do with my new free time, and how do I keep myself mentally fit? More and more pensioners are deciding to study. And they are doing everything right.

It is scientifically proven that lifelong learning is like a fountain of youth for the mind and body. fountain of youth for mind and body. Older people who do not who do not stop acquiring knowledge and instead continue to curiously remain vital and on the move.

Retirement is the perfect time to devote oneself to the very interests that were neglected during the working years and family-intensive and family-intensive years. For some retirees, this even means enrolling enrol once again or for the first time at a university or attend courses at an adult education centre.

You have always been interested in art history, and it would be to learn more about the paintings you regularly visit in the museum? visit? Or do you still regret that you chose a "sensible" subject like business administration? "sensible" subject such as business administration instead of instead of throwing all your and your parents' misgivings overboard and enrolling in and enrolled in philosophy? You admire young people for their people for their intuitive approach to the new media and would like to be an IT specialist yourself?

Whether at a university of applied sciences or a university, whether with enrolment or as a guest student - it is never too late for a new never too late. If you're worried about feeling like an exotic surrounded by students in their twenties feel like an exotic surrounded by students in their twenties, you can take a so-called senior course. About one third of German universities offer these offer these courses specifically designed for people of retirement age; the choice of choice of subjects is large. And with guest auditor status it is even possible to studying without a school-leaving certificate is quite uncomplicated.

Tuition fees vary greatly depending on the university and range from 30 to 300 euros per semester.

But no one really needs to put themselves under pressure to graduate. no one has to do that in old age. After all, it is no longer about of achieving a professional qualification. Rather, you now allow yourself the the luxury of learning, for the sheer joy of it and to keep the grey matter to keep the grey cells on their toes.

But it is not only studying that promotes mental vitality. Anyone who broaden your horizons, you also automatically make exciting contacts. Particularly in the senior degree programmes, you meet like-minded fellow students with like-minded people in a comparable phase of life. In in the cafeteria or while preparing for a joint paper, there is room to space to exchange ideas and give each other tips.

Many "older semesters" are concerned with very similar questions, starting from structuring their everyday lives in retirement to thoughts about the about the near future. Where do you need to make changes, which What area of life should be adapted in good time?

You will see that you are not alone in your considerations. Questions about living in old age are also a topic for others. Benefit from the experiences of your new fellow students in stimulating conversations. fellow students.

And who knows ... you wouldn't be the only person over 50 who suddenly finds in a student flat-share that is also a senior citizens' flat-share. senior citizens' flat-share.

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