Why you should offer your property at market value

The market value of a property, also known as the market value, is the final result of a professional valuation. The market value is therefore the calculated value at which a property can very probably be sold.

It is usually included as the asking price in property advertisements and exposés. It may be possible to add a surcharge of around ten per cent, which serves as a negotiating margin. Even if you want to sell your property on your own, you should base your offer price on this market value.

However, there are exceptions. In rural and structurally weak areas with a high supply of real estate and low demand, you should offer your property below the market value if necessary.

Conversely, in conurbations with high demand for real estate, the market values of interested parties are often outbid by each other. It is therefore possible that several people are desperate to have the property and offer you as the seller or the agent a sum that far exceeds the market value. There is nothing wrong with this and you can be happy about the higher proceeds.

However, a problem can arise if the bank of the highest bidder refuses to finance the property. This is because the institutions only grant loans based on the market value. In the case of buildings that are to go over the counter at an inflated price, the buyer must pay this difference from saved equity. Therefore, in the event of such a bidding battle, you should reassure yourself with each bidder that they can actually finance their dream property. You should ask to see a provisional financing commitment from the prospective buyer as well as bank statements showing the amount of his own funds.

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