New Year - New Real Estate Happiness

The new year is an occasion for many to set new goals. The desire for change increases and the thought of changing the current living situation arises. The beginning of the year is exactly the right time for this.   

Perhaps you are a prospective buyer or even an owner? Act too and dare to take the first step before buying your new property and proactively go on the market with your own home.   

When selling or buying your property, you have to take the first step yourself. Because if you wait, hoping that the right property will soon appear on the market, you may miss the perfect moment. It may be that a young family is looking for a house due to a lack of space, but at the same time a retired couple who owns a suitable house is also looking for a suitable flat first. Both wait and neither finds out about the other. That is why we recommend acting yourself.  

We have 3 tips for you here:  

Tip no. 1 
What are your search criteria?  
How big should the new property be? In which region? Should it be a house or a flat? And what is your budget?   

Tip no. 2 
Register a search subscription on a real estate sales portal. We recommend the comparison service, as it combines the most important real estate portals in one search subscription. You can also register your search subscription on our homepage. Your criteria will be entered into our database and you will be informed first when a property suitable for you comes up in our offer. It may even happen that this property is sold under the table and that no advertisement ever appears on the Internet.  

Create your search subscription with us today.  

Tip no. 3 
This tip is mainly addressed to owners who would like to buy a new property and sell their property at the same time. For this purpose, we recommend our new property exchange platform, which will be available online in early summer 2022. On this platform you will be able to register your property yourself in the future and find your desired property. You are welcome to contact us for this service until spring 2022, as we already have over 200 exchange properties on offer. We will record your contact and property data anonymously and search for a possible suitable replacement flat or house for you.  

We wish you every success in selling, buying or exchanging your property. If you have any questions on this topic, please contact us without obligation.

We are happy to accompany you on the way to buying, exchanging or selling your dream property. 

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