The real estate market awakens from hibernation

Officially, humans do not hibernate, unlike many animals. And yet many people lack the energy to tackle new things during the dark winter months. This changes with the changeover to daylight saving time and the first warm rays of sunshine: Many people are now bursting with energy and tackle the things they have wanted to do for a long time. For example, selling a house.

For many people, owning their own home is their declared goal in life. They save for years until their dream becomes reality. Once they have finally found their dream home and secured the financing, the joy is great. In this situation, most newly minted property owners cannot imagine selling their jewel again one fine day. A few years later, the situation often looks quite different. For example, because the children have moved out.

Once the children have moved out, the dream house can quickly become a nightmare: It is far too big, and the upkeep far too costly. In addition, many couples orientate themselves on the needs of their children when buying a house. Accordingly, many houses are not suitable for living in old age. Many couples also cannot imagine divorce when buying a house. And yet 50 % of all marriages end in divorce. This is another common reason why many people suddenly think about selling their property, even though they could not have imagined it before.


Spring offers the best opportunities
No other time of year is better suited to buying or selling a property than spring. Because at no other time of year do so many people who want to buy or sell a property come together as in spring. This increases the chances on both sides: Those who want to sell find more interested parties more quickly at this time of year. Accordingly, better prices can usually be achieved for properties in spring. On the other hand, people who want to buy a flat or a house will find a much larger selection in spring than in autumn or winter, for example.

Despite the best conditions, the real estate market has remained relatively quiet in recent years. The reason: many people are afraid to take the first step. For example, there are many young families who eagerly want a house. And of course they want to move into this house while the children are still small. And there is indeed the perfect house for this couple on the market. The only problem is that the retired couple who currently live in this house do not want to sell the house until they have found a suitable flat for living in old age. So everyone waits and nothing happens.


It pays to act
To get things moving in the real estate market, you need people who act. True to the motto "The world belongs to the brave", Hegglin Group AG offers you support in the sale of your property - and in the search for a successor property. Enter your search criteria on the Hegglin Group AG website and you will find out before anyone else when a suitable property will come up for sale. Because the vast majority of properties still go "under the table" - and long before they are advertised anywhere in an ad or on a classic real estate platform such as Homegate or Immoscout.

If you are thinking of selling your house or flat, you should definitely get in touch with a professional real estate agent early on. It costs you nothing and obliges you to do nothing. In a no-obligation initial consultation, you will receive lots of tips on how best to proceed when selling your property. You will also receive valuable advice on pricing. Properties that are offered on the market for too long because they are too expensive lose their attractiveness and thus their value very quickly. Therefore, do not set the price for your property too high. But of course not too low either

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Many thanks to our clients! Our passion for successful property sales is also felt by our customers. Selling property has a lot to do with emotions. Thank you for your trust!

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