How do I find the right tenant for the hereditary property?

Wenn Sie an der geerbten Immobilie hängen, dann wollen Sie sicherlich einen Mieter finden, der gut hierzu passt, der sich mit den Nachbarn versteht und sich gut um den schön angelegten Garten kümmert. Doch nicht nur das ist entscheidend. Zwar ist Sympathie wichtig, doch bevor Sie sich für einen Mieter entscheiden, sollten Sie unbedingt alle wichtigen Unterlagen prüfen. Sonst fallen Sie vielleicht auf einen Mietnomaden herein.

Once the tenant has the keys and is in the flat, it is difficult to get him out again if he does not pay the rent on time. And if you do manage to get rid of the unloved rent nomad after a while, he may leave a big mess behind. Checking the following documents will help you to get an insight into the finances and reliability of your prospective tenants:

  • SCHUFA information or credit report from another credit agency
  • Last 3 salary slips or other proof of income (e.g. for self-employed persons)
  • Confirmation of freedom from rent debts from the last landlord

To find someone who really suits your property, you should also have all prospective tenants fill out a tenant self-disclosure form before the viewing. Here you can ask questions about pets, the number of people moving in and other criteria. But be careful: Under no circumstances should you give the impression that you are discriminating against certain groups. Religion, ethnic origin, gender, age or profession must not play a role in the selection of a suitable tenant.

You should only invite people who are willing to fill in all this information. In this way, you will avoid viewing tourism from people who are not really interested.

You can either attend the viewings yourself or leave them to your estate agent. The latter can assess prospective tenants more objectively and will not be irritated by comments on the furnishings or the garden.

Sie brauchen Unterstützung bei der Suche nach einem Mieter? Kontaktieren Sie uns jetzt ganz unverbindlich.

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